The Library

The Soccer Soap Box collection of soccer, and soccer “culture” related books including the page count and if I have read them yet.

Title Author Pages Read?
¡GOOOOL! Cantor, Andrés 300 No
100 Years of Football: The FIFA Centennial Book Numerous 310 No
50 People Who Foulded Up Football Henderson, Michael 254 Yes
A Beautiful Game Watt, Tom 212 No
A Season with Verona Parks, Tim 447 No
Among the Thugs Bil Buford 317 Yes
Bloody Confused Culpepper, Chuck 250 Yes
Captain for Life Harkes, John 229 Yes
East End Heroes, Stateside kings Belton, Brian 269 No
Fever Pitch Hornby, Nick 239 Yes
Hand of God Burns, Jimmy 250 Yes
How Soccer Explains The World Foer, Franklin 261 Yes
Inverting the Pyramid Wilson, Jonathan 374 Yes
K.T.G.- Coach Yourself Series: Centre-Forward Football Association 32 No
K.T.G.- Coach Yourself Series: Inside Forward Football Association 32 No
Keeper Peet, Matt 225 Yes
Major League Soccer: A Celebration of 10 Seasons Stewart, Mark 192 No
Mi Vida Beckham, David 429 No
My Side Beckham, David 404 Yes
Soccer Against the Enemy Kuper, Simon 302 Yes
Soccer in the Sun and Shadow Galeano, Eduardo 240 Yes
Soccernomics Kuper, Simon 328 Yes
Terrace Legends Pennant, Cass 278 Yes
The Beckham Experiment Wahl, Grant 294 Yes
The Game Of Their Lives Douglas, Geoffrey 146 Yes
The Man Watching: A Biography of Anson Dorrance Crothers, Tim 352 Yes
The Miracle of Castel di Sangro McGinniss, Joe 407 Yes
The Treasures of the World Cup Radnedge, Keir 64 No
Umberto Eco and Football Trifonas, Peter Pericles 77 No
Winning At All Costs Foot, John 594 Yes

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