Beckham Drama and MLS Reboots

While I’m still recovering from that Mexican kick to the groin at the Gold Cup final, here are a few brief thoughts.

How to reboot an MLS club?

The Seattle crowds make me jealous.   There I said it.  I work with people from Seattle every day, some of them know this, some not.    I’m no longer ashamed…

My jealously doesn’t matter, I can begrudgingly admit that.   What does matter is that the atmosphere and size of that crowd is by far the exception, not the rule.   If game day atmosphere is as much of a draw as the game is . . . this is a big issue for most MLS clubs.

The problem is that fans have already heard the proverbial pin drop at places like Gillette Stadium or Giants Stadium . . . and don’t have to fight lines at the men’s room when watching from their comfy and free-to-visit recliner . . . so they are not motivated to give it another try.    At least the RedBulls have a new stadium providing a manufactured reason to “reboot” and relaunch their team . . . again.

What can the other teams like the Revs do?    (Hint, it’s probably not the addition of Rev Girls.)   Something to revisit in future blogs for sure.

More Beckham Drama, Works for me . . .

Frankly, I love it.   The more drama, the better.

I mean really, without this what else are we going to talk about?  Or better yet, what else are the non-blog-authoring/reading potential fans going to talk about?   This just in . . . three rookies living together in a failing attempt to make LA rent argue over the Ramen noodle package again.   Movie at 11 . . .

The most recent conflicting reports though could spin anyone around.  MLS banned the fan who jumped on the field during LA’s home game against visiting AC Milan and then caved and rescinded the ban.  Why?  He didn’t know the policies for fans entering the field of play.    Hmmm, yeah, that’s a huge mystery for everyone – I know I personally thought that since Beckham came we were all invited for afternoon tea in the center circle during half time.

Meanwhile, Becks complains that a fan who was giving him a hard time in Kansas City shouldn’t be wearing an England jersey.   As if England fans weren’t giving him a rough ride – can we say hanged in effigy? – after his World Cup ejection against Argentina.

Hilarious . . .