Why Soccer Soap Box?

Why am I blogging?

Well, I could blame it on an off hand comment from my intern that I should start a soccer blog.  But really, what was driving it was the realization that while it’s easy to comment and discuss other people’s thinking on the sport I love, I figured the challenge was having enough useful and unique thoughts to put them out on their own.   How will it work out?   We’ll see.

Who am I?  

By day a corporate wonk that focuses on alliances and marketing in the IT world.  I just happen to be an over-enthusiastic footy fan of no significant consequence other than having too much to say.

Why Soccer Soap Box as a name?

Well . . . the theme (soccer) is pretty clear, and I liked that Wikipedia‘s definition of soap box included both the idea of it often being impromptu (as I’m guessing much of this will be) and “political” (which affects the game, the clubs and countries and nearly everything else.)

Game on . . .


5 thoughts on “Why Soccer Soap Box?

  1. Soap Box Friend,

    Wow, you are lucky to have such an amazing intern! I look forward to reading more posts from you Mr. Corporate Wonk.


  2. I’m surrounded by good people, my intern is no exception. Luckily he is a hard worker as well as a soccer fan. Some would say he must have had a good upbringing. (But who really knows . . .)

    Enjoy the game tomorrow fellas . . .

  3. So may I assume your not going to the biggest soccer game in these parts in years? What’s the deal…..you getting sick of soccer?? lol

    • Sick of soccer? Hardly!

      (Although, going to this one after missing my share of Revs games would kinda be like going to Church on Christmas after skipping all year, no? — Insert favorite religious institution as needed. — Though, that analogy does hit close to home.)

      Really, just managing life with the kids, etc. Not 100% certain we may not pop up at the stadium yet. Still an open discussion!

      They putting USA v Mexico on the big screen? Hmm.

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