Twellman on Terps, Dempsey, Nicol and more . . .

I thought this interview at Du Nord would be of interest for any New England Revolution fan.   Taylor Twellman talks about his injury, the University of Maryland program, his career, the US National team and personalities such as Steve Nicol, Paul Mariner and Clint Dempsey.   A few quotes I found especially interesting?

  •  “I’m there for the guys in the games, but I’m not going to sit here and lie to you: I miss playing. Because I know right now that team needs me and I need them.”
  • “Stevie, to me, should be in the running for the next national team head coaching job.”
  • “I’m a German type forward. I don’t think I’m really a Spanish-type forward. I don’t think I’ve ever done a stepover in my professional career.”   (Bob says . . . OK, that had me laughing)

When asked if the Revolution had done enough, in his view, to replace the talent they’d been losing.   He said “No.”

He also offered a thought on Clint Dempsey who “didn’t want to be here, never wanted to be here.”

A very good read. . .


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