Soccer Marketing, El Pitufo and Other “Small Things”

I’ve finally captured and decided to share a few of the random thoughts that have been bouncing around my head during one of my multi-hour soccer watching blocks in the last couple days.

Perhaps I need to write a letter to Fox Soccer Channel.  Those unnaturally frequent Enzyte “natural male enhancement” ads I’ve been subject to on FSC that feature a newly happy (and apparently newly ‘impressive’) guy named Bob have me on edge.  I see them so much that I’m starting to become self conscious.    Are they talking to me?   Am I secretly light in my Umbros?   Of course, then the Maxoderm ad comes on to force the issue home, but at least nobody named Bob shows up.  Although it is even freakier, since some guy winks at you (me?) in the middle of the ad.  Ugh, I feel dirty.  Perhaps I’m just watching too much soccer . . .

Speaking of things that are potentially too small, I recall seeing that Anthony de Avila made a comeback at age 46.   The diminutive ex-MetroStars striker, known as El Pitufo, has a significant resume including over 200 goals for America de Cali and having the 6thhighest goal count ever in Copa Libertadores.   You don’t recall him from MLS?  Well, an odd combination of the MetroStars ability to take the air out of any player’s sails, an odd drug-cartel-related thank you, and the fact that El Pitufo was never likely to replace Beckham in an underwear ad all conspired against him.

While it pains me to admit it . . . this is a cool URL, cool page, cool graphic.   Well done by D.C. United.   Of course, I wonder if this is hanging on Seattle’s locker room wall yet.

Lastly, I was reading this article in FootieBusiness and when it was asked “Of course, putting them on the website is likely preaching to the choir.  Is the team advertising these offers in the Dallas area?” about a combo-ticket/meal offering, it reminded me of something that will undoubtedly be worthy of a deeper review at some point.   I am getting bombarded by New England Revolution online advertisements.  Many sites I visit online are telling me to go buy Revolution tickets.

The good news?  Google Ads appears to be able to target customers that are interested in the right topics.   The bad news?  You are targeting someone already browsing soccer sites/blogs and who almost undeniable knows about the Revolution and upcoming games.   Talk about preaching to the choir . . . while it seems there is a huge gap in local awareness and interest the Revs are apparently paying to target the obviously engaged and already interested.

Too bad…

One thought on “Soccer Marketing, El Pitufo and Other “Small Things”

  1. Point taken on where the Revs should be advertising. What they should be doing is taking out ads in the sports sections of the Boston Globe, Herald (both online and in paper). This way they are targeting people interested in sports that otherwise may not realize there are games, etc.

    One thought I had, is something the Red Sox used to do a handful of years back. Put an add in the newspapers and offer up to 4 free tickets to a game during the summer (not this season of course). Since they would not otherwise sell these tickets, they are not losing any money, and they’d even make a little at the concessions. This would hopefully bring in more people that wouldn’t normally think of going (people love free stuff), with the hopes of having some people return in the future.

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