Seattle Thumps the Revolution: Rub It In, Why Don’t You?

Well, for any New England Revolution fan last night’s 0-3 disaster versus the Seattle Sounders was the salt in an already wounded season. 

But enough is enough already…

It might have been enough that the Revs were outplayed from whistle to whistle.  Revs fans have seen that movie before.  Though when Shalrie is on the field, it hurts that much more.

It might have been enough that Seattle has a Designated Player that adds significant value.  Did you notice “aging” Freddie Ljungberg (born 1977) create a dangerous chance by running right around Chris Tierney (born 1986) at the end line last night?  But, yes, I know… the Revs don’t need a Designated Player, they have a “balanced roster.”

It might have been enough that little Fredy Montero played with skill, guile and trickery that Revolution fans haven’t seen since Clint Dempsey’s days in Foxboro.   At this point, Revs fans don’t really even expect such play.

It might have been enough that Seattle’s goalkeeper Kasey Keller has probably played in more European first-division leagues than New England’s Bobby Shuttleworth has played in professional games.  (Yeah, yeah, injuries…)

It might have been enough to see Taylor Twellman’s ex-strike partner Pat Noonan starting up front for Seattle and looking sharp (though perhaps not as sharp as second year Steve Zakuani), while Taylor Twellman and his large chunk of our salary cap has played about two games in two years.

It could have been enough that the Seattle goals were magnificent displays of skill and/or composure.  Both things that the Revolution had trouble showing anywhere on the field.

Yes, that could have all been enough to make Revolution fans crazy.

But no, that wasn’t where it ended.  It ended with an unmatched atmosphere of ~35,000 fans.  It ended with return-call chants of “Seattle” then “Sounders” reverberating through the stadium.   It ended with an atmosphere that the Revolution are so far from developing that it is hard to imagine its ever coming.

Is this news? No.  Frankly, I’ve opined about Seattle being my “Major League (Soccer) Mistress” before.

But dear Revolution front office… Dear MLS… You need to do something.  And you need to do it soon.

The team is called the “Revolution” but the way things are going what you might get is a revolution from the (already sparse) fans.

And that will be like rubbing salt in the already obvious wound.


One thought on “Seattle Thumps the Revolution: Rub It In, Why Don’t You?

    what is being done to the dedicated New England soccer community by the Revolution ownership is sad and ill spirited. It is time for the MLS to take over this franchise. Obviously the current USSF President who finds himself on the “management” team of the Revs has no input in player choices or expenditures. This situation is desperate. Help!

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