Dear Revolution: A 2012 Request

In the spirit of honesty, I can let you know that I’ve been writing the same Revolution-focused blog post for well over a week. It’s a long winding tale of where the team stands and what you might do differently from a business and marketing perspective. Goodness knows, I didn’t have the heart to also tackle on-field possibilities in the same post.

But there it sits… half developed, half logical, and quickly sliding down the “recent files” list in Microsoft Word.

Typically a post (aside from the sometimes-needed fact finding missions) take me an hour or so. Well, usually more as often I’m writing, falling asleep, writing, falling asleep…

Why is it taking so long this time? Well, there are many reasons (as there are for the frequently large gaps in posts of any type) they include having a family, a day job… basically, a life of priorities outside of soccer.

But there’s one other reason, and it ties to my primary request as we move into 2012.

Please, Revs, be blog-worthy.

Because as much as my life gets busy and can intrude on my soccer attention span, when there are things going on that can stir the imagination, it is not hard to write about you or the game I love.

Revolution faithful are bemoaning the lack of New England media attention for the team and sport they love (as they should!) but the reality is that “our team” consistently feeds the media cold shoulder by serving up lackluster news. The media could be more attentive, but you need to help them. While your fans are doing their part on Twitter by calling out local media for their inattentiveness, they can only hope that the team will help their cause.

I’m NOT “real” media… shoot, I’m barely a blogger during slow periods… but if I lose attention from time to time, how will the real media ever PAY attention? And it’s not that I’m falling out of love with the game. I wasn’t in France for the recent USA friendly because of a lack of love. In fact, the only reason I found time to write this was I woke up early mistakenly thinking there was a big game on at 8AM this morning. My bad.

So I’ll work on my issues, and hopefully you’ll work on yours. Otherwise, maybe I’ll need to figure out what the Boston Victory Soccer Club is all about. I mean the Victory already “Likes” the Soccer Soap Box Facebook page, someone over there must have good taste.

Or perhaps I could help promote the much-closer-to-home Worcester Hydra‘s longshot dream somehow.


But Revolution, it need not be this way. Newsworthy soccer is not an impossible dream. Your fans can see it happening all around you.

And it isn’t just big headlines that motivates the fan base. The whereabouts of Mr. Beckham and Mr. Henry are interesting topics, but it doesn’t need to be galactic news item to stir the imagination.

You need to show the fan base how big the Revolution dream is, and steps you are taking to achieve it.

Colorado wanted to change its style (and who would argue with that desire from them?), so they hired Óscar Pareja. He’s a Latin-trained, MLS veteran that is both seasoned professional and has coaching experience and a perspective to share. Despite having won a final recently, Colorado knows that standing still in MLS is really falling behind nowadays.

The Revolution hired Jay Heaps. I like Jay. I hope he’s successful. But which team made a bigger statement to soccer-people? Which was more convincing? Which let fans know how big the team dreams?

Oh, maybe you remember Óscar, he was a Revolution player at one point, so you probably interviewed him for your recent opening, right? Or, since you must be watching the Latin markets including the recent MLS talent hot-bed of Colombia, I presume that ex-Revolution star Leonel Álvarez got a look with all the recent turmoil in Colombia’s national team coaching ranks? We are dreaming that big, right?

(Now THAT would be quite the assistant coach or would have made a very interesting head coach if his English is up to par, not that I think he’d accept an assistant role with the Revolution… watch for him in Dallas though, who still seems to dream big.)

Speaking of Dallas, they wanted a goal scorer. They signed Blas Perez. Granted, Thierry Henry he’s not. But he is a big, skillful forward who can appeal to the constantly growing Latin fan-base, presumably fit into the attractive style of play Dallas has and who brings a name that USA fans remember for how we gave the USA National Team defenders fits in prior meetings.

The Revolution don’t want a goal scorer. You are desperate for one. (Or three.) Where’s the news? The only news so far is that our first ever Designated Player Milton Caraglio is probably already another club’s player and the conciliatory Rajko Lekic seems on the way out as well. Despite fan support for Lekic, neither set the league on fire, so it’s hard to attack you for starting fresh. But it is just as hard to see how this is addition by subtraction.

So, you’ve told us Mike Burns and Jay Heaps are looking at players. Hopefully they are newsworthy. At this point, let’s hope they are even “blog worthy.” Because when it comes to your fans, it’s well past time to feed the (news) hungry.

In 2012, please be blog worthy. Do it by showing us a dream and explaining your roadmap to get there. Otherwise, us dreamers will let our imaginations focus elsewhere.


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