Dear Revs, It’s Not You, It’s Me. Maybe.

Sometimes I write about soccer here.   But many times life happens.  Jobs get crazy.  Wives travel.  Kids need their parents, or maybe parents need their kids.  And then, I don’t write.   And that’s OK.

But I sit here tonight, watching the New England Revolution play the last home game of a difficult, frustrating and fruitless season, and I figure it’s worth dusting off my very neglected blog.

It’s been so busy in “real” life that I am as out of touch with team news as I have been in any other time in the last few years.   Heck, I just realized that earlier today I told someone that this Kansas City game I’m watching is the Revs last game of the season… of course, it’s not, it’s the last home game of the season.  Oh well…

(And trust me, it pains me to admit something in the blathering, pointless, obviously biased and often irrelevant Revolution TV commentary corrected my thinking.)

But I have been busy before, and with this blog being over a year old, I don’t think I’ve had such a long hiatus from it before.

So while outside factors have certainly had significantly impacted by ability to comment, it may be the something larger that is at play.  I suspect that despite the work needs, the family needs and whatever else is going on, if there was some on field magic, I would have been writing it up.

So maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe I’m not a good enough fan.  Maybe my expectations are too high.

I suppose I should have written up the proclamations about the new hunt for a Designated Player, and spouted my views about balance still being king.

I was tempted to comment on my shared elevator ride with Revolution COO Brian Bilello, the night before those DP proclamations and after a frustrating loss.   How I introduced myself as being “just a fan” and watched as the clearly dejected man claimed he’d “been better.”  Yeah, “tough season,” I agreed.

It wasn’t worth saying more.  I already submitted and blogged my questions to him.  I knew what I’d get back.

I am just a fan.   And arguably not a good enough one.

I’m interested in where the Soccer Specific Stadium process is. I’m curious about what players the Revs are looking at to bring in.

I’m intrigued about many things, but I have come to grips with not seeing the Revolution in the Playoffs this year.   I may watch Thursday’s season-ending game.  And I’ll certainly watch the MLS playoffs and the MLS Cup.

But I’m ready to take a break on the Revs.

And herein lies the real issue.  I can take the blame for not being a “good enough” fan, but if that’s the case there are some serious issues.

If a soccer-blogging, prior season ticket holding, frequent game attending, MLS knowledgeable fan is feeling malaise, what must other fans be feeling?

My daughter is only five.  She loves going to Revolution games.  However, at the last one exclaimed “Dad, the Revolution ALWAYS lose.”  But I corrected her, “No honey, just usually.”

Something needs to give.

Designated Player or no Designated Player, get some field related fixes and make some hard choices.

Communications issues need to be sorted out.  I’m still getting great and informational emails from my two only visits to Seattle Sounders games.   While the Revs seem to struggle to get the word out locally.

Set some big goals and share them with the fans.

Because most fans won’t be looking in the mirror to question if they are good enough, but they will look at the team and its management and decide they aren’t.

And then we all lose.


2 thoughts on “Dear Revs, It’s Not You, It’s Me. Maybe.

  1. Good to see you blogging again, for now.

    I don’t blame you for not being a good enough fan, but do blame the Revolution for not fully doing their part to keep you a “good enough fan”. A lot of things went wrong this season, and as much as I’d like to say a few things went well – I was stumped when I started thinking what those would be. Perovic was a good thing. Releasing Jankauskas was a good thing. Feel free to chime in if you can think of anymore.

    Nonetheless this season will end early, and there will be many questions heading into the off season. What happens with Twellman? Do we get a DP (or 2)? Any progress on a soccer specific stadium? I’ll leave it at 3 for the sake of keeping this comment fairly short. As fans we are left hoping and praying the front office makes the right choices – but the track record isn’t the best. And only Mr. Kraft knows if the wallet will be open or squeezed tighter than a… we won’t go there.

    On a happier note, the Revolution were successful tonight in their 1-0 win over the Kansas City Wizards. A hidden plus to the win? It ruined the Wizards hopes to squeeze into the playoffs. Maybe the best news of all?? Pause for suspense… There were over 18,000 fans tonight! That’s at least the 2nd time in recent memory the Revolution have attracted that many fans. Tonight was a chilly night, with no playoff hope, what brought the fans out tonight? The more important question – why wasn’t this done at the beginning of the season or mid-season??

    Tonight you can tell your daughter – “Look honey, the Revolution won”


  2. Thanks Dan… there’s a flip side to this post, which I’ll do “soon” (my soon doesn’t always pan out, as you know)…

    Shalrie’s goal, a recent up-tick in attendance and signs of life from management remind us that despite a “lost year” there are a few glimmers of hope to build on.

    We should also remind ourselves that we actually have the league and team to write, comment, argue and fret over.

    And that’s a good thing. (We just want it to be an even better thing.)

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